Sana'a University was established in 1970 to be the first and major higher education institute in Yemen. It has 39 years of experience in management and economics education, having trained thousands of managers currently active at all levels throughout private and public sectors of Yemen. Sana'a University, with an estimate of about 100,000 students, across 19 faculties, makes it one of the largest universities in the Arab world. SU has two campuses which are both located in the heart of the capital city of Yemen and occupy a major beautiful landscaped area.

Sanaa University President

Pro. Fawzi H. Al Sagheer

Sanaa University President

Message about the Center of Business Administration CBA

It is a pleasure and an honor to be on top of this important educational center, which grants the E-MBA degree and also  in a number of the MBA important specializations, all of which play an important role in business administration and to achieve the integration of knowledge. This plays an important role in the lives of those who are enrolled in these specializations, so that makes them able to cleaves a path through a wide and successful future and to be able to excellence.

I wish all participant at CBA excellence and success through their journey. And many thanks to the team working at CBA and supporters to the program.

إنه لمن دواعي سروري ويشرفني أن اكون على قمة هذا المركز التعليمي الهام الذي يمنح درجة الماجستير في عدد من التخصصات المهمة التي جميعها تلعب دوراً مهماً في إدارة الأعمال وبما يحقق التكامل المعرفي في تخصص يلعب دوراً هاماً في حياة من ينتسب لهذا التخصص بحيث يجعلة قادراً عل

ى ان يشق طريق المستقبل الوسيع وبدون معوقات وبحيث يكون قادراً على التميز،

أتمنى لجميع منتسبي هذا البرنامج التفوق والنجاح والشكر لكل القائمين والداعمين للبرنامج