Amira El Saeed, Operations Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Egypt
Amira El Saeed is the corporate governance operations officer for the IFC's Corporate Governance Projects for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As such, she focuses on providing technical assistance and advisory services to banks and companies on good corporate governance practices, in particular through training events as well as corporate governance assessments and improvement plans. She holds a doctorate degree in Business Administration(DBA).

Adel Al-Huraibi, Lecturer & Consultant in Strategic & Performance Management , Yemen

Al-Huraibi holds a BS in Computer Science & Business, Colorado State University, USA, MSc in Financial Management, University of London, and currently working on his PhD in performance management, MSM- Holland. He is a lecturer and team member on curriculum design for management departments in prominent local Universities in Yemen. Dr. Al-Huraibi has a wide experience in consultancy in International development projects.

Mohammed Al-Asaadi,آ  IFC Certified Corporate Governance Trainer, Yemen

Al-Asaadi holds an E-MBA degree from the CBA with the best Academic Performance Award 2010. A Leader-for-Democracy fellow of Maxwell School of Syracuse University in New York, USA. He, who established in November 2010 Yemen's first communication consultancy firm, has led the field of journalism in Yemen, after being Chief Editor of Yemen Observer, and founder and managing editor of Yemen Today.