Dr. Ahmed Al-Dhurafi


Unique talents are such as delicious fruit, they ripen late and never ripen before the right time

The Center of Business Administration (CBA), Sanaa University-Yemen,  in partnership with Maastricht School of Management (MSM), the Netherlands seeks through an ambitious vision and realistic message to achieve the above wisdom. And to ripen the talents in their right time and to be qualified enough with modern scientific and practical outputs in Financial and Administrative fields. Moreover, in many other  fields with the partnership with one of the best schools in Europe. In addition to start a new track in the master with new specializations which appropriate the needs of Businessmen and Executive Managers. And also to appropriate the labor market, Yemeni Companies, International Organizations and Public Sector. CBA is too seeking for the Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) which provides not only deep knowledge but also the chance to search and figure out the problem in business organizations and gives appropriate solutions through scientific research field.

CBA absolutely cares about its participants and considers them as the spiritual pillar of the center.