Under the auspices of

                        Mr. AbduRabu Mansour Hadi The Republic President

                        Center of Business Administration(CBA), Sana'a University

                      In partnership with

                          Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands

                          Graduation Ceremony-4 of the

                         Executive Master of Business Administration Program

The Center of Business Administration(CBA), Sana'a University in partnership with Maastricht School of Management in theNetherlands Celebrated its Fourth Graduation Ceremony of the Executive Master of Business AdministrationProgram (EMBA).

The Graduation Ceremony which took place at Movenpick Hotel was under the auspices of theRepublic President AbduRabu Mansour Hadi. It was attended by a number of known figures and professors of the CBA as well as graduate students and their families. The ceremony began with the Deputy Director of the CBA, Dr.Abdullkareem Al-Sayyaghi, who coined the students "the insisting and challenge batch" because they confronted all difficult conditions during the stages of their studies. 

Dr. Al-Sayyaghi mentioned the achievements, which were implemented by the CBA either at the institutional level, academic level, or the research and studies level. Dr. Al-Sayyaghi concluded his speech by thanking the students for all their e

fforts inside and outside the center.

The main sponsor of the ceremony, among fourteen, was Yemen Liquidized Natural Gas (YLNG), represented by Najib Alsharafi (a former student), spoke about programs implemented by the company, congratulating all the students and the CBA.

The graduate students also had a word delivered by their classmate, Ali Dhafer, who thanked all attendees for their participation on this day, and the professors in CBA. Dhafer added that their thanks won’t be only words, but achievements that will lead the homeland to better times.

The Netherlands,which was beside the CBA since the first step, had a presence at the ceremony and was represented by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Yemen, Aldrik Gierveld and the representative of Maastricht School of Management in the Netherland, Miriam Frijns, who pointed out Yemeni and Dutch cooperative relations, considering this day as the fruit of both countries’ labours. Ambassador Gierveld added that the real success of the center is its ability to stand alone without any support after the end of the Dutch project which was supporting it

From the Director to graduates

Dear Graduates,

On behalf of Center of Business Administration at Sana'a University - (CBA/SU) and our international partner Maastricht School of Management (MSM), I would like to extend my warmest congratulations on this  milestone occasion to our fourth intake of EMBA Program.



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